Digital urban planning has never been so easy

An example? Our webGIS interfaced SIGFAT system helps you with forestal planning.

What can you do with our cameras?

Road traffic control, road signs census, outdoor luminescence checking and many other things, smartly.

A smart territory management is possible

We strongly believe in the idea of smart territory and thus, smart city.

Environment&TerritoryEnvironment &Territory

We strongly believe in environmental sustainability concepts and smart territory; We want to achieve solutions that reflect these ideals.

We orchestrate heterogeneous data and systems: sensors, cameras and real-time processing of satellite data, play a key role in land management.

Our solutions are based on open standards (OGC).

In this way our customers can manage their own data and processes.

Our In this way our customers can manage their own data and processes; They have simple and user friendly interface.


We are experts in:

urban planning
territorial planning

roads mgmt 
water mgmt
forest mgmt

land taxes
Civil Defense