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co-funded by “Provincia Autonoma di Trento” in the context of the L.P. 6/99 [Provincial law for SME business incentives]


Thanks to recent developments in Ultra-WideBand (UWB) positioning systems, it is now possible to create reliable and precise systems for locating and tracking people and objects within an indoor, industrial facility.

These systems are known as Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS).

The effectiveness and accuracy of these systems can be augmented by fusing the collected information with other complementary technologies such as “automated image analysis”.

The whole data-set is sent to an indoor (or industrial) geographic information system (I-GIS) that continuously tracks, detects and monitors the area of interest; thus, improving the position data with both historical and contextual metadata and information.

This allows up a wide range of possible applications, such as: product monitoring, geofencing, historical and real-time flow analysis, unstructured logistics, AGV automation and more.