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FISTAR is a project funded by the European Community; It belongs to the larger project of the FUTURE INTERNET FIWARE program (www.fi-ppp.eu)

FISTAR realizes pilot cases that use the technologies related to FUTURE INTERNET.

One of the activities involves the implementation of a platform for the exchange of knowledge, the promotion of innovative solutions and resolution of problems related to the productivity and sustainability of health systems and the quality of care.

FISTAR experiments technologies in live environments, experimenting in health care, assistance and in life situations “Assisted Living” with people who have problems related to advancing aging.

the FISTAR mission is to find ICT applications that will revolutionize the way health care is delivered today.

These new technologies are designed to increase the degree of freedom and independence for patients who are self-control, especially in remote and rural areas.

FISTAR has developed a community of innovators and ‘Healthcare providers’ to meet the challenges of the industry and several workshops in Europe with the aim of rethinking the problems related to the health sector and to identify possible solutions. (visit FISTAR web site)

The role of Trilogis in this important project is to make available to the consortium the geographical know-how and expertise on geospatial technologies, with particular reference to the space-time services and GIS solutions for interiors in areas such as health electronics, public services, etc.