systEmic Standardisation apPRoach to Empower Smart citieS and cOmmunities

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In order to promote Smart Cities in the EU, ESPRESSO should contribute to identify and foster a subset of open standards essential for Smart City platforms.

Smart City integrates physical, digital and human systems to deliver a sustainable, prosperous and inclusive future for its citizens.
Many of these innovative solutions will be based on sophisticated information and communication technologies.
However, technological complexity, as well as the complexity of the various sectorial services involved within a Smart City, require a system approach to standardisation.
In an effort to leverage the promise of a system approach, ESPRESSO (Espresso – systEmic standardisation apPRoach to Empower Smart citieS and cOmmunities) will focus on the development of a conceptual Smart City Information Framework based on open standards.

Main Goals

  • A case study-based approach to define key requirements for Smart Cities as the baseline for further standard analysis activities.

  • The development of a conceptual Smart City Information Framework as a reference data model.

  • A communication ecosystem to allow tight interaction between all participants in Smart City initiatives and activities.

  • Creation of shared semantics.

  • Standards analysis ac tivities to identif y strengths and weaknesses of existing and currently developed standards.

  • Integration of research projects in the domain of standards and Smart City sectors.

General Objectives

  • Creation of a “Smart City stakeholder community” involving a large pool of user groups.

  • Definition of a Smart City interoperability framework based on key reference cases and sectorial systems.

  • Accelerate deployment and lower cost of standardisation in the domain of Smart City.

  • Definition of a Smart City information framework.

  • Creation of business framework.

  • Understanding the legal, social, and economic impact.

  • Dissemination and creation of awareness for project results.