Centre for Excellence in Territorial management and Cadastre

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Unlike most European countries, Romania does not have yet a general cadastre.
Such a deficiency represents a critical element for the economy of the country, since it makes legal contracts, such as land purchasing, very difficult to be implemented.

Starting from such a complex scenario, CENTRIC aims –in the long term- at the creation in Romania of the new Centre of Excellence on territorial management and cadastre.

The future Centre will focus on related domains of great relevance, such as: 3D/4D geospatial datalinked geospatial data, land classificationremotely sensed data, etc.

In particular, the goal of phase 1 of the project (the 12 months CSA) is to prepare a very detailed business plan leading, during phase 2, to the establishment of the Centre including: a long-term vision and the mission of the Centre, a detailed SWOT analysis of the domain of territorial management and cadastre in Romania, a long-term scientific and innovation strategy, a market analysis, the Business Concept of the Centre, the analysis of possible cooperation, strategic alliances and long-term partnerships, the operational and financial plan of the Centre, to define a strategic growth roadmap.

Furthermore the project will also aim at the creation of a suitable ecosystem at the national Romanian and EU level, through a number of capacity building and dissemination activities.

The whole project has been based on the creation of long-lasting (beyond the 5-years duration of the overall “Teaming” project) joint venture between partners from both advanced and low performing countries, including institutional cooperation among the Romanian Cadastre agency and the counterpart in Trentino Italy considered as a best practice at the EU level.

The project is aligned with the Romanian Smart Specialisation Strategy and it has received a clear commitment from the Romanian Government to provide financial resources for infrastructural and equipment costs for phase 2.