The Team

A cohesive team, professional, with the desire to do the best and full of team spirit and sense of belonging to the company.
This is the Trilogis Team: 25 professional figures highly specialized in their mutual professionalism (> 1/3 has a Master’s degree and/or PHD).
It is thanks to this team that Trilogis can boast the levels of excellence and high specialization it has achieved.
The Trilogis staff has its headquarters at the Mechatronics Polo in Rovereto. (

Trilogis is  “SIEMENS Solutions Partner” and EPN – ESRI Partner Network.

Our team is ISO 9001-2015 certified for the design, development and maintenance of software applications (iaf 35) and maintenance and help-desk services (iaf 33) and OHSAS 18001 for security management.

Board of Directors

Gianni Rangoni
President GianniRangoni
Nicola Giuliani


Massimo Barozzi

Massimo Barozzi Triilogis

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