SmartCity & Smart Building

What can you do with our cameras and GIS?

Road traffic control, road signs census, outdoor luminescence checking and many other things, smartly.

A smart building management is possible

Cloud services for building management: our idea is beyond the smart city concepts.

GIS & computervision together

to make not expansive and automatic the update of dynamic GIS data is an important goal achieved.

The information and communication technologies (also geographical) have changed our life.

Over the next few years, cities, the buildings, the way we live, work and use energy, transportation and other resources and services of the city will change significantly due to a number of innovative solutions.

Trilogis is heavily engaged in the sectors of smart city and smart building.

Trilogis promotes innovation in the areas of smart city and smart building with its products and solutions, but also through the study and introduction of standards and best practices, to help cities and companies to become more and more intelligent , also opening new market opportunities.

2016_05_23 Smart city&Building


SmartCity&Smart Building

ESRI ArcGIS platform has four main products: discover them.

ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS Online

Web e Mobile App


In the world of GIS, ESRI’s ArcGIS platform has always been the main product for the management of geographic information (indoor/outdoor) and of the networks for the transport and distribution of gas, electricity, water and so on..

Used by many local and central “Multiutilities” and Smart Industries, it can now be considered a “de facto standard“. From single user to WEB applications, ArcGIS provides a scalable system that is dimensioned depending on the customer’s needs.

Trilogis is EPN – Esri Partner Network 

Esri Silver PartnerThanks to the great GIS experience, Trilogis belongs to the “Esri Partner Network (EPN)“. It is the exclusive international partner program of Esri Inc., in collaboration with National Ditributors (EsriItalia spa).

With Trilogis, ESRI Users always have a competent and reliable partner alongside.

All trademarked logos and logos belong to their owners.

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logo pocket building

Pocket Building

The cloud tool to always have at hand your building’s data/docs.

 Pocket Building

was born from the need to always have access to all the information about your property: administrative, fiscal, maintenance, geographic, utilities, tenants, etc.

Pocket Building is a cloud system so you do not have to install anything.

Depending on the type of user, Pocket Building enables access to data.


    • The owner can see / do everything;

    • The plumber can only access hydraulic data (plants, boilers, pumps, etc.) and enter the maintenance data in progress;

    • The tenant accesses the data of his / her competence

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logo Smart Camping

The cloud tool that uses GIS to make campsites more innovative

 Smart Camping

Smart Camping is not the usual “map”, but it uses the power of the GIS to create a real campsite information system.

Smart Camping is a cloud system: you do not need to install anything.

With your PC or smartphone, browse the interactive and multilingual interactive geographic map: you will find real-time free pitches / accommodations for the selected period and you will have all of their information, features, location of services and much more.

You can then choose the accommodation or the free pitch you like, depending on the time period you have selected.

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The web tool for surveying and maintenance of urban green areas.

 BOX3 Green

Is an innovative system of web services for the ordinary/extraordinary maintenance of urban green areas. (ASSET: Trees, Shrubs, Grass Carpets, Irrigation Systems, Urban Furniture, etc.)

BOX3 Green has two operating modes:

In office  technicians use it to plan and coordinate the following activities:

    • Green census

    • Monitoring and “on field” data collection

    • Scheduling ordinary and extraordinary work

On site (mobile), workers can consult and complete:

    • Work plans

    • The type of checks to be carried out

    • The description of the individual operations to be performed

    • The geographical location of green and urban furnishings through the interactive WebGIS map.

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2016_05_23 Smart city&Building


SmartCity&Smart Building

2017_03_16 icona formazione


Whatever is your GIS or WebGIS system, Trilogis organizes high-level training courses to suit your needs.

Our teachers have a proven experience and knowledge of the domain: they know what they are talking about.

Training can often come into the system’s start-up: this is how you learn by creating and using your own data (training on the job).

2017_03_16 icona help desk


We work in partnership with you.

To stay daily at your side, we have an efficient Help Desk service ISO 9001 compliant.

Our service and maintenance customers can find answers to their small or big daily work problems.

We work with different levels of support: telephone, remote, on-site, etc.

Our infrastructure guarantees timely intervention times, speeds of remote connections and security/protection of the whole system.

2017_03_16 icona sviluppo sw


Strong in the experience of countless tenders, projects, software developments, evolutionary maintenance, etc., our SW laboratories have accumulated a wealth of knowledge of wide development tools, deployed in many environments (desktop, client-server, web, mobile etc…).

But not only.
Our experience allows us to offer software development services that cover the entire project cycle, requirements analysis and feasibility study, up to implementation and subsequent maintenance and support.



Complex Territorial Information Systems are made “orchestrating” other systems and integrating their data.

For this reason we know how to design and realize “tailor-made” systems tailored to the needs of those who use them.

Thanks to our DNA of innovators, we overcome the concept of simple “system integration” and expand it with the necessary “data integration” and “integration of applications”.

2017_03_17 realizzazione banche dati


The real asset of the Geographic Information System are geographic and descriptive data.

GIS Data must be accurate, reliable and up-to-date.
The quality of answer that a system can give depends on the accuracy of data in the database.

A wrong one will produce incorrect information and, as in a chain, all other related information (cfr. GICO – Garbage In = Garbage Out).

Even in this delicate sector, Trilogis has a tremendous experience and extensive domain expertise to help you to realize your best DataBase.

2017_03_18 icona consulenza


As an example:

  • RFId technologies and other identification technologies (barcode, QR-Code, magnetic stripe, etc.);

  • GIS video location systems related to video surveillance indoor/outdoor;

  • Support for CAD (AutoCad/AutoCadMap) and GIS (ArcGIS) integration;

  • Consultancy in the areas of LBS systems (Location Base Services) and RTLS systems (ZigBee, WiFi, ultra wideband, optical, etc.) and implementation of integrated systems.

2016_05_23 Smart city&Building


SmartCity&Smart Building


ThreedimensionalReal-timeAssetControl through Cohs for Industral Applications

Co-funded by “Provincia Autonoma di Trento” in the context of the L.P. 6/99 [Provincial law for SME business incentives]


TRACCIA 5.0 extends what has been achieved in TRACCIA 4.0 to become a Cyber Physical Human System (CPHS) dedicated to tracking the assets of an industrial process.
The system integrates innovative technologies for modeling and real-time navigation of indoor spaces, where industrial assets (geo-localized subjects and objects) interact in the digital twin of the process (Digital Twin).


TRilogis locAlisation Cyber phisiCal system Indoor for Any industry

co-funded by “Provincia Autonoma di Trento” in the context of the L.P. 6/99 [Provincial law for SME business incentives]


Geomatics gets into the factory!
TRACCIA 4.0 is a system able to orchestrate, describe and relate in “Real Time“, Subjects, Objects, Space and Time, to intercept their mutual interactions and events.
Example: if someone (SUBJECT) approaches (SPACE) to a particular machine (OBJECT) while this is in operation, immediately (TIME) TRACCIA 4.0 generates alarm (EVENT) to the managers (SUBJECTS)

i-locate EN

indoor/outdoor location and asset management through open geodata



The goal of i-locate is to “navigate” inside buildings to reach the place of your your destination (public office, clinic, shop, etc.) using your own smartphone.
It also allows for tracking “indoor” of objects and portable equipment for their localization, management and maintenance.


Ubiquitous Interoperable Care for Ageing People



UNCAP delivers a platform based on open industrial standards able to create new care & assistance paradigms.
The result will be an open source, scalable and privacy-savvy ecosystem ready to help aging people live independently.


Manuale Dell’Opera
(Building’s Handbook)

R&D Project co-funded by the AUTONOMOUS PROVINCE OF TRENTO in the context of the L.P. 6/99 “Provincial law for business incentives”


The goal of the MDO project is the design and implementation of a service which realizes the Manuale dell’Opera (Buildings Manual).
The MDO service will enable diverse and heterogeneous groups of users to access, update and share information on the work – even on-site – in cooperative and transverse mode of the many areas of interest.



Smart and sustaiNablE City from Above

PROJECT CO-FUNDED BY CARITRO (CAssa di RIsarmio TRento e ROvereto)


SENECA (Smart and sustaiNablE City from Above) aims at developing a reliable methodology for the processing of aerial imagery for the derivation of high quality 3D data and energy audit.

iCore EN

Internet Connected Objects for Reconfigurable Ecosystem



iCore is based on the principle that any real object and any digital object, which may be available, accessible, observable and controllable, can have a virtual representation in the Internet of Things and can be used beyond the purpose for which it was originally made.

fi-star EN

Future Internet Social and Technological Alignment Research



The FISTAR mission is to find ICT applications that will revolutionize the way health care is delivered today.
These new technologies are designed to increase the degree of freedom and independence for patients who are self-control, especially in remote and rural areas.
mepi EN

Medical Equipment Profiling & Identification System

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2/2011 called by the Autonomous Province of Trento


MEPI goal: to create a service to locate medical devices within welfare structures, their unique identification and the creation of events depending on the operator concerned (technical, medical assistant, medical, …)


Mobile Palm for Assisted Living

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 5/2009 called by the Autonomous Province of Trento


The Mopal project has the main objective to provide, through handheld devices, or smartphones or mobile phones, a platform to collect data, monitor, manage and report on social and health services scheduled at the assisted houses located in the territory.
Mopal uses Open Source technology and it has been used by social workers or home carers.


Creating a university-enterpise Alliance for a Spatially Enabled Society



giCASES project involves close cooperation between industrial partners and universities; they will jointly develop new materials and new methods of “Learning case” for the proactive development of knowledge in the field of geographical information.


systEmic Standardisation apPRoach to Empower Smart citieS and cOmmunities



There are two main targets in the EXPRESSO project:
– the definition of an European standard reference for interoperability of systems in the field of Smart City
– the development of an IT platform “Smart Cities Enterprise Application” for the management and sharing of data and “best practices.


entre for Excellence in Territorial management and Cadastre



CENTRIC is based on the creation of a joint venture between Italian and Romanian partners to achieve in Romania, in addition to the land registry, a new center of excellence in the field of cadastre, environment and territory.

2016_05_23 Smart city&Building


SmartCity&Smart Building

CENTRIC project is started

CENTRIC project is started

ABSTRACT Unlike most European countries, . Such a deficiency represents a critical element for the economy of the country, since it makes legal contracts, such as land purchasing, very difficult to be implemented. Starting from such a complex scenario, CENTRIC aims...

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Mobile Location Services DWG

Mobile Location Services DWG

Mobile Location Services DWG The OGC Mobile Location Services (MLS) Domain Working Group (DWG) is a venue in the OGC Standards Program for location-aware mobile requirements and use cases. The MLS DWG will achieve this goal by a variety of means, including inviting...

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 Trilogis on Geospatial World magazine, 3 articles published

On August issue of “Geospatial World” there are 3 articles by Trilogis' people! - pag. 48 “Open Standards for Indoor LBS”, Prof. Ki-Joune Li and Dr. Giuseppe Conti - pag. 54 “Open Standards a Must for Hybrid LBS” Stefano Piffer, Prof. Ki-Joune Li, Massimo Barozzi, and...

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Accept the i-locate challenge!

The i-locate challenge has been launched during the INSPIRE 2014 conference which took place in Aalborg (Denmark), by Giuseppe Conti, Trilogis' CTO and PM. This challenge associated to the i-locate European project coordinated by Trilogis, about indoor/outdoor...

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