What can you do with our cameras?

Road traffic control, road signs census, outdoor luminescence checking and many other things, smartly.

A smart building management is possible

Cloud services for building management: our idea is beyond the smart city concepts.

GIS and computervision together

to make not expansive and automatic the update of dynamic GIS data is an important goal achieved.

Smart city&BuildingSmartCity & Smart Building

The information and communication technologies (also geographical) have changed our life.

Over the next few years, cities, the buildings, the way we live, work and use energy, transportation and other resources and services of the city will change significantly due to a number of innovative solutions.

Trilogis is heavily engaged in the sectors of smart city and smart building.

Trilogis promotes innovation in the areas of smart city and smart building with its products and solutions, but also through the study and introduction of standards and best practices, to help cities and companies to become more and more intelligent , also opening new market opportunities.