Medical assets can be managed well

We develop innovative solutions to manage and maintain medical asset in order to optimize resources.

Patients safety is important whenever, wherever

Whenever you are in a hospital or in a nursing home, patients need care and assistance.

Our localization system based on smart 3D devices allow you to create diverse alert, according to your needs

Telephone switchboard and admittance of more places can be managed by a single person

It is possible to centralize the management of admittance  and telephone switchboard of more than one hospital/nursing home to a single person.

This means less effort for medical staff during the night, for example.

GEoSanita&Sociale Health & Care

In a hospital or in a nursing home, patients continuously need care .

We care about their movements avoiding dangers and injuries.

Hence, we developed a location based service which can track patients routing through smart 3D sensors.

It is possible to create tailor-made alerts according to each patient (e.g. ones with Alzheimer deseas).

 Our web-based software solutions can also improve medical asset management.